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Tri Eagle bv: Terms & Conditions


Tri Eagle bv: Terms & Conditions

Content reviewed 09.06.2009 – MM/O/990050

These General Conditions apply to the following MHE-TRE Web Services of Meadows-Hale Europe - Tri Eagle bv: MHE Website, and the MHE Newsletter.

Detailed Information about our services can be found on the website through the option HELP/FAQ and CONTACT, through this option you can also contact us and ask for help or more information.

In this document you will find the General Conditions defined which are applicable to you as a user of the services as listed above. Furthermore this document explains the existing terms under which these services will be at your disposal.

1.    Definitions

1.1.    General Conditions > GC.
1.2.    Amway Business Owner > ABO.
1.3.    Business Support Materials (including events) > BSM.
1.4.    MHE Website > the website (, article 2.1.
1.5.    MHE Newsletter > the newsletter, article 2.2.
1.6.    Meadows-Hale Europe - Tri Eagle bv > MHE-TRE.

2.    Our Services

2.1.    The website:

2.1.1.    Our website supports ABO’s within the organization Meadows-Hale Europe concerning information about BSM’s and the latest News from their leaders and Amway in Europe.
2.1.2.    Access to our website and application to the newsletter (see also article 2.2) are both free of charge.
2.1.3.    You agree not to place any sexually oriented, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, spiteful, threatening, material or any material that breaks the law in any possible way. Doing this can lead to immediate and permanent removal of your account.
2.1.4.    Creating several accounts on behalf of one single user will not be allowed.
2.1.5.    There are 3 options to register for our website, see article 3.

2.2.    The newsletter:

2.2.1.    With the registration at our website and/or activation of the SOP subscription you agree to receive our Newsletter, free of charge, through E-mail.
2.2.2.    The General Newsletter keeps the user informed about any important news concerning BSM  and general updates within the Meadows-Hale Europe organization. If you decide, that you don’t want to receive the newsletter anymore, you can cancel it at all times. You find the exact instruction on how to do so, at the bottom of each newsletter.

3.    Website registration

3.1.    Online registration

3.1.1.    Registration can be done by yourself through the online registration page on our website.
3.1.2.    Please fill in all the requested data.
3.1.3.    With registration through our website, we will activate your account as soon as we checked your account detail, this will take 48 hours max. You will be notified automatically upon activation.

3.2.    Offline registration

3.2.1.    Offline registration is not possible.

4.    How do we handle your personal data (Privacy Policy)

4.1.    We will do everything possible to protect your privacy. For a correct operation of our website and our services you need to register yourself. We also need certain information in order to carry out an order. When you place an order, we need some data like: name, e-mail address, credit card data and expire date. We will handle those data confidential and we will certainly not pass those data to a third party without your permission.
4.2.    We are certain that our paying method at the website is safe and secure. Our Safety Certificate (256bit SSL) at the server will encode all personal data, also your credit card number, the expire date and your name. The encoding process changes the delivered data in pieces of codes and then sends these through the internet.
4.3.    Safeguarding the data is one of our highest priorities and we do our utmost best to protect your data. By placing an order or by checking your account, you can be sure we are using a safe server. The secure server software (SSL) encodes all information that is given to us, before it can be send to us.
4.4.    To be able to use our website your computer needs to accept cookies. Cookies are little files with information put at your hard disk by the browser. We are using these cookies in order to recognize you when you are returning to our website. Our cookies are not containing any personal, identifying data.

5.    Cancel account

5.1.    You can at all time, cancel your account. We would appreciate it if you could send in your request for cancellation of your account through the website. After receiving your request we will remove your account within 72 hours.
5.2.    If you are acting against the terms of our agreement, we are allowed to inactivate your account. By doing so under this condition, we will not accept any responsibility. 

6.    Intellectual Ownership rights

6.1.    On our website, you know that all rights regarding published information, announcements or any kind of explanation concerning MHE-TRE and separate products to be delivered and/or matters belonging to third parties, rest at MHE-TRE, her co-deliverers or other right holders.
6.2.    It is forbidden to multiply the through our services offered information, announcements or any other outing, without written permission that is given in advance by MHE-TRE, the subcontractors or other right holders unless it is for personal use in relation to these services.

7.    Making the Agreement

7.1.    You and MHE-TRE agree that there is made a legal agreement by registration for our website 
7.2.    Every use of the services given by us is subject to these GC, and by using these services you agree to those GC.
7.3.    The agreement between MHE-TRE and you is subject to the Dutch Law.
7.4.    The terms in these GC are subject to what is defined in the current Business Policies of Amway concerning “Business Support Materials”. As Amway Business Owner (ABO) you have received these Business Policies already when you signed Amway’s application form. If you are not in the procession of the current Amway’s Business Policies, contact the local Amway office please.
7.5.    MHE-TRE has the right to change the services, the content, special offers and the GC at any time. We will publish any changes of the GC on our website, and send you an updated version by e-mail. If you keep using our services 14 days after we announced any changes of our GC you automatically agree to those news terms.

8.    In Case of Supremacy

8.1.    In case of supremacy it is possible that our website is temporarily not available. In that case MHE-TRE cannot be hold responsible to fulfill her duty and will pros pone her responsibility for the duration of the supremacy.
8.2.    By case of supremacy is meant a circumstance by which the fulfilling of the duty towards the users is partly or completely impossible. 
8.3.    To those circumstances do belong among others: strike, fire, company disturbances, energy failure, or not timely supply by subcontractors or other third parties. At the same time by supremacy also means data network failure or failure in connections or in used communication systems and/or at any moment the unavailability of the website.

Thus made up in Heerlen (Netherlands)

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